Blue Moon by Lee Child (Jack Reacher, n. 24) Free Ebook Download

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Author: Lee Child
Genre: Thriller
Published: 2019
Pages: 384
Download “Blue Moon” in: ePub, mobi, PDF (Links further down)

Now, you can finally get Lee Child’s bestseller “Blue Moon” for free in PDF, EPUB or MOBI. Even better – it meets the high hopes and expectations of the fans. The formula remains unchanged and the premise is more enthralling than ever – America’s disturbing social and political reality. International political affairs, personal drama and a lot of intense action. Buckle up!

After 13 years of military service, former Commanding Officer Jack Reacher has now spent almost as many years in roaming the country. Moving from one place to another. Free of any regimentation made upon him but unable to turn his back on injustices in need of righting.

At the beginning of “Blue Moon”, Jack is riding the bus to the next nameless mid-sized American city. The whole time he’s been keeping a close eye on an elderly fellow passenger who is soon to be in trouble. A big bulging envelope of money is sticking out of his pocket and a shady guy has been casing him the whole time.

Jack won’t let it happen.

The thug is handled, but Jack finds out that the city streets are plagued with crime. The old man himself has fallen victim to loan sharks after heavily borrowing money for the lifesaving operation of his daughter.

Trouble has once again found Jack.

The usury and the small-time crimes, however, turn out to be merely the surface of a national disaster about to unfold. And rivaling Armenian and Ukrainian gangs are right in the middle of it.

The deeper he digs, the worse it gets. There seems to be a connection between the gangs and a foreign political power that is planning to interfere with the democratic process in the country by swaying public opinion over the Internet.

A third army is about the join the war – Jack’s army. And it’s perfectly improbable to befit Richard’s style – a local girl, retired Cold War veteran, former marine, and a handful of local musicians. To turn the tide in his favor at least a little bit, Jack stirs up a devastating war between the two gangs.

Now, this is a position he’s perfectly comfortable with and we all have been waiting to see him get his hands dirty once again.


Interesting Facts About Jack and Lee Child

1. Lee Child’s birth name is Jim Grant, born Oct. 29, 1954, in Coventry, England.

2. As a law student, Child got interested in theater, leading to a successful 18-years-long career as a television technical director.

3. After losing his job at Granada Television, he spent less than £4 on a notepad and pencil and started writing the beginning of Jack Reacher’s series.

4. Jobless and threaten by bankruptcy, two things kept Child motivated – “fear and hunger.”

6. Lee Child created Jack Reacher in his own image aside from the fact that Child never worked out and is one inch shorter.

7. Interesting about Reacher’s life: he chose a life of a wanderer with personal possessions limited to a folding toothbrush, passport, and a bank card. Every time he buys new clothes, he would throw away the old ones.

8. Reacher’s main motivation throughout the books is revenge – be it personal or on the behalf of somebody else.

9. Jack was initially named Franklin. One day, however, he went grocery shopping with his wife who asked him to grab something from a top shelf teasing him that he could find a job as a “reacher”.

11. Jack Reacher’s character inspired the music album “Just the Clothes on My Back” by Naked Blue on which Child actually collaborated.

12. Child prefers writing from the first-person perspective, but he finds third-person storytelling to be more suspenseful. Therefore, in the series, there is a great mixture of both.

14. The Jack Reacher novels are translated into 49 languages and have sold over 100 million copies worldwide.

15. In both Jack Reacher movies, Child makes cameos as a police officer.

16. What Child learned about writing blockbusters – “the public’s taste is totally unpredictable. It is impossible to plan a hit.”

17. Child drew inspiration from John D. MacDonald’s Travis McGee series and from the Scottish novelist Alistair MacLean.

18. As Child puts it – the writer’s block is “a fancy name for not wanting to go to work that day.”

19. His creative process is never planned, nonetheless, according to his publishers his manuscripts require “very little editing.”

21. Reacher is a women’s man which causes problems for Child: “Writing sex scenes is by far the hardest and most ridiculous thing a writer can ever do. It’s virtually impossible to get it done with any plausibility.”

22. As a kid, Child often would get into fights which served him well when writing the series’ fight scenes.

23. Child lives and works in a gorgeous apartment with a breathtaking view of Central Park and yet he writes facing a brick wall.

24. Child starts every novel on Sept. 1 – the day when ho bought the notepad and the pencil.


Memorable Quotes from “Blue Moon”

“This is a random universe. Once in a blue moon things turn out just right. Like now.”

“No particular place to go, and all the time in the world to get there.”


Download Blue Moon (Jack Reacher, n. 24) by Lee Child For Free

Blue Moon by Lee Child Free epub Download
Blue Moon by Lee Child Free epub Download

Blue Moon by Lee Child Free mobi Download
Blue Moon by Lee Child Free .mobi Download

Blue Moon by Lee Child Free PDF Download
Blue Moon by Lee Child Free PDF Download


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